Introducing Winkles & Flam: The Cosplaying Canadian Kitties!

• Chainwire Winkles & Flam is a Canadian cartoon duo launching exclusively on OpenSea’s Drops platform.
• The project is created by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Adam Benzine and BAFTA-winning illustrator Dele Nuga.
• It features high-quality, hand-drawn illustrations and weekly/seasonal releases.

Chainwire Winkles & Flam: Cosplaying Canadian Kitties

Creators Behind the Project

Oscar®-Nominated Filmmaker Adam Benzine (HBO’s Spectres of the Shoah) & BAFTA®-Winning Illustrator Dele Nuga (The BBC’s The Clangers) have come together to create Chainwire Winkles & Flam™, the ‚Cosplaying Canadian Kitties™.‘

Unique Model for Digital Collectibles

Non-PFP and non-generative, this groundbreaking project marks a radical new model for Digital Collectibles, with high-quality, hand-drawn illustrations & weekly/seasonal releases.

Mintplex Labs Partnership

Canadian art collective Sphynx Ink Inc. is partnering with OpenSea’s exclusive „Drops“ platform to launch Winkles & Flam and has become the first major project to use Mintplex Lab’s visual metadata editor Mint Foundry for real time editing without coding knowledge.

Season Pass Sale

A Season Pass goes on sale today (March 27) exclusively via OpenSea Drops, limited to just 1,000 copies and guaranteeing buyers all 30 cards from Season 1.