Razer Launches ZW3I to Spur Web3 Gaming Innovation

• Razer has announced the establishment of zVentures Web3 Incubator (ZW3I), a new initiative aimed at funding Web3 gaming projects and bringing them to mainstream audiences.
• ZW3I will select developers for its incubator program who possess “a strong track record in creating successful games.“
• Razer envisions immersive and engaging experiences to come to fruition with ZW3I, emphasizing compelling gameplay and satisfying social experiences over token reward systems.

Razer Launches zVentures Web3 Incubator Program

Razer, a leading hardware and peripherals company for gamers, has announced the launch of its new venture capital initiative, the zVentures Web3 Incubator (ZW3I). The program is designed to fund innovative Web 3 gaming projects and bring them to mainstream audiences.

Program Overview

Although details on the scale or amount of funds allocated to ZW3I were not disclosed due to Razer’s private company status, it is worth noting that zVentures had a $30 million fund when it launched sometime in 2016. According to Lawrence Lin, Razer’s Director of Blockchain, the incubator intends to provide marketing support and accommodate up to 36 projects, including mobile games.


The primary objective for launching ZW3I is twofold: firstly, help bring Web 3-enabled games into mainstream audiences; secondly, create an immersive gaming experience by emphasizing compelling gameplay mechanics and satisfying social experiences rather than token rewards systems.

Investment Portfolio

Razer already has made several investments in crypto and blockchain firms such as Monsoon Digital, Forte.io, TripleA Finblox, Coinomo as well as Animoca Brands – a Web 3 gaming firm. With these investments in place and further development within its own incubator program through ZW3I., Razer hopes that these investments will lead to more exciting developments within the world of crypto gaming moving forward.


With its considerable brand recognition amongst gamers across the world alongside its vast user base of 200 million users worldwide – there’s no denying that Razer holds significant potential influence over shaping the future when it comes to web 3 gaming technologies. Through ZW3I – developers have access to resources from one of the biggest names in gaming which could potentially revolutionize how we approach game design within this emerging field!